Friday, 9 June 2017

Instrument Systems to Present Numerous Innovations at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

At LASER World of PHOTONICS, due to be held in Munich from 26- 29 June 2017, Instrument Systems will be showcasing many new products for the measurement of displays, UV sources and laser diodes, together with an extensive portfolio of spectroradiometric instruments.

Display measurement technology with the new LumiCam 2400 With the LumiCam 2400 Instrument

Systems presents a new imaging photometer and colorimeter for the characterization of displays, control and display elements. The LumiCam 2400 – expected to be available by autumn – delivers images with an effective 5 megapixel resolution, enabling the evaluation of extended instrument clusters or small details with an extremely high resolution. The respective software calculates all relevant variables, e.g. luminance, color coordinates, color temperature, color homogeneity or dominant wavelength. A wide range of analysis tools enable a comprehensive evaluation of the measured values. The LumiCam software also offers freely configurable false color presentation for the impressive visualization of data.

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