Saturday, 20 May 2017

Garmin expands AR into aircrafts with head-up display

Incorporating modern optical design within a single display unit, the system projects a crisp, clear view of pertinent flight information while also offering superior integration with Garmin Integrated Flight Decks for a near-seamless transition between the GHD and primary flight display (PFD).

The self-contained projection system has a large 30-degree by 24-degree field-of-view and is driven by the Garmin Integrated Flight Deck, sharing a familiar presentation of critical flight information and symbology to provide optimal situational awareness throughout every phase of flight. Information is displayed in an easy to read format and delivers supreme clarity and brightness in all lighting conditions. Whether in clouds, day or night, the GHD incorporates intelligent dimming, which automatically adapts to ambient light and allows pilots to focus on flying the aircraft. Further reducing pilot workload, the GHD offers declutter mode so pilots can optimize the display to suit their needs. The GHD boasts a simplistic control interface and offers similarities in tactile operation with the Garmin Integrated Flight Deck for an even more seamless transition throughout the cockpit.

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