Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Motion activated under-bed LED lighting is the latest craze on Amazon

Fads come and go on Amazon, but sometimes you come across a craze that really is worth the hype. It might not seem like it, but under-bed lighting is a perfect example. We first told you about it two weeks ago, and it’s been one of the most popular items on the site ever since. Thousands of people have gotten in on the action, and now it’s time for you to join them. So what’s all the fuss about? It’s actually pretty simple. These little LED light strips attach to the underneath of your bed and when the room is dark, motion lights them up. This way, when you get out of bed at night, the lights cast a warm glow on the floor so you can see where you’re going without disturbing your partner. Yeah, it looks pretty awesome too, just as an added bonus.

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