Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Medicine and technology: Five ways they save lives

Technological progression is most evident and valuable when it’s saving lives. Advances in medical technology, from prosthetic limbs to glass syringes, have all done so with the intention of doing just this. Groundbreaking medical technologies are rare, but there are some recent innovations that are already being deployed. Here are the five new medical technologies that may still seem like science fiction, but are used today to save lives.

China seems to have perfected 3D printing technology for internal organs such as the heart. Last year, doctors and surgeons at the People’s Hospital of Jilin completed the risky procedure on a nine-month old child. A fatal heart defect had meant the chances of death before the child turned one was as high as 80%. The doctors used a 3D scanner to print out an exact replica of the child’s heart. This helped them identify the defects and treat the child successfully, saving his life.

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