Friday, 4 August 2017

Absen introduces new LED display range

Absen has announced the launch of the A27 series of LED displays, which the company claims delivers the ‘best of both worlds’ to advertising, retail, corporate and all fixed installation environments.

The new series comprises four 27.5in diagonal models: the A2725, the A2719, the A2715 and the A2714, with a respective pixel pitch of 2.54mm, 1.906mm, 1.58mm and 1.46mm, boasting a 3,840Hz refresh rate and high brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

Designed to be as standardised, simple to use and easy to set up as an LCD screen, the A27 series boasts dot-to-dot FHD for 16:9 4K resolution, HDMI interface/APP control, and ADA-compliant, VESA compatibility for front installation into any space. It also institutes black matte SMD LEDs for crisp contrast complementing a vivid and uniform display quality that is rich in colour detail, thanks to a 110% colour gamut. Premium chip technology maintains complete detail and a high contrast ratio even in low light images.

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