Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Art Medical's smart tubes to collect patient data, reduce complications

Backed by $28 million in investment, Israeli biotech company Art Medical, which detects and prevents life-threatening complications in intensive care units, is introducing a new platform that collects comprehensive patient data using sensor-based smart tubes, which will be utilized to reduce the risk of medical complications.

The smart tube technology uses sensors to collect data, and adjusts itself to a patient’s individual needs as they arise.

Oftentimes patients in ICUs become well-accustomed to tubes: breathing tubes, feeding tubes and urine catheters among them. But to date there’s no effective way to determine whether they’re experiencing complications in real time. Nurses and doctors are required to constantly monitor patients in order to identify these events and minimize their complications, but that’s done manually, and can easily overlook time-sensitive events that can lead to complications, or even death.

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